MobileSpace helped jumpstart my career as an iOS developer. After learning the basics, I’ve successfully launched an app on the App Store, and my interest in iOS development has grown tremendously.

- Sang Saephan


MobileSpace is a free, in-person course that aims to teach students mobile application development.

It was started in Fall 2016 @ SF State due to the lack of an iOS course in the Computer Science cirriculum.

Season 1 taught students iOS development using Swift and 5 students successfully completed the rigorous 3 month course.

For Season 2, we decided to teach cross-platform mobile development using React Native to keep pace with the latest technologies and industry trends. It was a thunderous success with 9 students successfully completing the course. The season ended on a high note with a very exciting Demo Day.

Looking ahead, Season 3 will take place during Fall '18 @ SF State and will continue to teach cross-platform mobile development using React Native.

Our teaching curriculum and course roadmap is Open Source and totally free to use with credit back to MobileSpace. Click here to view our React Native Cirriculum.
Monte Thakkar
Season 2: Host
Ryan Liszewski
Season 2: Co-Host
Girish Rawat
Lead Designer
If you are interested to enroll in Season 3 or would like to learn more about MobileSpace, please shoot us an email.